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SEW Consulting Group delivers more value, faster, with lower total cost and less disruption to your core business than any other type of consultancy.

This reflects the capabilities of a high-performing teams whose members have worked together for 15-plus years on over 49 enterprise deployments.

Elastic, Scalable Teams

The teams of SEW Consulting Group resemble the team of teams typically associated with successful motion-picture or theatrical production companies.

Each team consists of members who are the finest and most capable in their field. Our teams will outperform any team from other consultancies, often by a factor of three to five.

SEW Consulting Group keeps the size of a team to a minimum of best-of-industry experts in specified domain.

In some cases, a capability will represent single contributor. However, as the demand for service expands, often for a short period of time, we add best-of-industry talent on a full-time or fractional basis.

Each team brings a unique combination of passion, domain expertise, reliability, and social capital. “Awesome” hardly begins to describe it.


We interviewed a dozen firms with experience in the integration of multiple web content managers with a centralized digital asset management system.

The larger firms showed us what looked like highly accomplished teams.

However, subsequent reference checks with their clients told another story.

Soon after the initial kick-off, their clients complained about a successive cascade of project contributors of weaker and weaker skills, expertise, and efficiency.

We found only one exception to the bait-and-switch of the larger integrators.

Clients cited the caliber and effectiveness of SEW Consulting Group as well as the on-going participation of Skiff and his core team through all phases of a multi-year project.

We chose to go with the small team of experts from SEW.

By our informal calculation, their core team of accomplished more in half the time than a team two or three times its size—and at a third of its cost.

That is, Skiff and team delivered about six times more value per individual contributor than the closest alternative.


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