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The Innovation & Certification Lab of SEW Consulting Group ensures the highest degree of fit for a client-partner’s particular business and user requirements with the functionality and services of a selected technology.

One-of-kind in the industry, the Innovation & Certification Lab of SEW Consulting Group brings three capabilities to bear on client success.

  • Technology research, development and operational infrastructure

  • IP and Content Services

  • Capabilities Development

The Innovation and Certification Lab of SEW Consulting Group stands unique in the industry, providing the missing but crucial pieces of a deployed solution:

  • Selection of the best technology and vendor for a particular client-partner

  • Internal development of new strategic capabilities

  • Managed services for the development of new intellectual property

Show Just Not Tell

SEW Consulting Group maintains its own on-premise installations of the leading CEM, BPM, and DAM systems.

No other consultancy or integrator has this capability.

No other firm can conduct side-by-side demonstrations of stress-loaded instances of the leading enterprise applications.


Technology research, development, and operational infrastructure…

…speeds the rapid prototyping, staging, quality assurance, and full deployment for large-scale, multi-instance deployments of enterprise software for the following:

  • Customer experience / Web content management
  • Digital asset management
  • Digital content and creative production workflow systems

This portion of the Lab develops unique insights for client-partners:

  • Side-by-side demonstrations of selected use-cases
  • Speed and peak load benchmarks
  • Truth in engineering: actual versus marketed functionality
  • Content-heavy workflows and approval processes
  • Trade-off analyses for custom development and third-party integrations
  • Relative strengths and weaknesses in asset governance, compliance reporting, and risk mitigation

Intellectual Property & Content Services…

…speed the transformation of proprietary algorithms, data, metadata schemas, data ontologies, APIs, and so on, into portfolios of managed intellectual property (patents, trade secrets, copyrights, etc.) with curated access to digital assets (such as data, content, and reusable templates) and enterprise-wide governance of content and brand-related assets.

Capabilities Development…

…speeds the rapid adoption of improved ways to working throughout an organization and among its trade partners and customers. This includes:

  • Thought leadership programs

    with ground-breaking publications, workshops and executive retreats;

  • Solution engineering

    that delivers an elegant user experience of content production workflows; and

  • Talent development

    programs that include training current staff as well as the placement and performance support of

  • New full-time employees
  • Independent contractors with the subsequent right-to-hire as a full-time employee
  • Subcontractors under the master services agreement with SEW Consulting Group


Initially, SEW Consulting Group arranged a set of demos of three competitive DAM systems for our technical review committee.

Andy, their technical director, ran each application through a dazzling series of use cases. Clearly, he loved each one, almost as a cherished pet.

Then, one of our technical leaders started to ask some real hard-ball questions about the functionality and its underlying technology.

Andy and Skiff not only answered these uber-geek questions, they demonstrated a level of mastery of application and business requirements that silenced our most ardent skeptics.

Over the course of 90 or so minutes, our team identified the winning application, which we went on to deploy.

In three short demo-briefings, SEW Consulting Group saved my team not only three or four months of vendor and technology qualifications, but they also helped us eliminate vendors and technologies that would have, in the end, failed to deliver.


Sr Manager, Design Systems

Nintendo of America

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Business case for digital asset management in the enterprise


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