Fractional CIO



A Fractional CIO has mastered the job of a CIO and moved (diagonally) up and out of the corporation and into a consultancy.

The primary role of a Fractional CIO entails the support of a firm’s C-levels executives, especially the incumbent CIO, to execute a high value/risk strategy without:

  • Diverting

    internal but scarce talent from existing, critical projects,

  • Sourcing

    new unproven talent with unpredictable performance,

  • Buidling

    domain knowledge in one or more fast-changing technologies, and

  • Boutique consultancies

    the deployment of new technology with a “blended” team.


Fractional CIOs have mastered the practices of executive leadership, innovation at scale, disciplined execution of large-scale business process improvements, and tying performance to the business case.

The term fractional does not mean an interim or part-time engagement.

Rather, fractional connotes an “all in” engagement, providing client-partners with regular and sustained access to the insights and situational assessments of the Fractional CIO as well as direct access to strategy and deployment team.

In most cases, having a Fractional CIO is like hiring a second CIO to run a strategic project with a singular focus and discretion, one with no interest in replacing the incumbent CIO.

A Fractional CIO from SEW Consulting Group frees up the existing CIO to pursue a chosen innovation path

SKIFF WAGER, fractional CIO

As a former CIO of of two separate billion-dollar media enterprisesenterprises Skiff Wager and his team of masters have successfully deployed:

  • 64


    Digital Asset Management Systems

  • 34


    Customer Experience / Web Content Management Systems

  • 12


    Digital Content and Creative Production Workflow Systems

To date, these deployed systems have produced over $1B in client returns, combining cost savings / avoidances, increased revenues, and incremental profit from shorter time-to-market and synchronized global launch cycles for new campaigns, products, and businesses.

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