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Most strategic planning processes for new digital initiatives fail to satisfy the three most common sources of failure:


SEW Consulting Group took the unusual, and in retrospect, the vital step of communicating their proposed system to all of our internal stakeholders.

In a series of onsite and remote briefings, they created a narrative, rationale, and invitation to be part of a major improvement.

In a more novel approach, they secured the verbal and then written commitments from all the key executives to provide specific and identified support and resources to our program.

Most notably, SEW helped us get the funding necessary to proceed.

Over the course of the next 18 months, they made an extraordinary effort to keep our stakeholders informed, on-board, and engaged.

In hindsight, this was the key difference that made the difference in the success that we achieved.


Senior VP

11th largest medical instruments firm in the world

Culture either supports or undermines Strategy

Change Assurance at any sufficient level of complexity must address corporate culture: How we do things around here and, what is most absent from Strategy Plans, how “we the users” acquiesce to change.

Reflecting the experience of a successful CIO at two billion-dollar enterprises and the successful delivery of 49-plus enterprise systems and over $1B in return of investment, SEW Consulting Group has mastered the theory and practice of Enterprise Change Assurance.

Enterprise Change Assurance provides the crucial linkage between Strategy and Corporate Culture.


  • The delivery Enterprise Change Assurance entails both top-down and bottom-up programs.

  • Our strategy work emphasizes an attainable strategy and realistic financial objectives.

  • Our Change Assurance emphasizes the buy-in and active collaboration with all key stakeholders, putting in place the protocols and programs for building a high-performance culture.

  • When needed, SEW Consulting Group will recruit the often impossible-to-source talents and place them as a full or part-time employee, independent contractor with a right-to-hire, or subcontractor through SEW Consulting Group.

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