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Getting it right in the Age of Continuous Disruption starts with ResilienceFrom the Latin, resilíre or “to leap back”, resilience today means the inherent power of a person, group, or organization to return to its original condition after a disruptive change such as system failure, cyber-attack, sudden departure of key personnel, etc.. Akin to buoyancy or self-righting boat.

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How could you benefit from a discreet partnership with one of the most successful transformational CIOs who has delivered more than $ 1B in net client returns since 2002?

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What clients say

Content for Marketing in Regulated Industry

As a large medical device firm, we had to replace a decade-old ecommerce portal. [Goals as initially framed] After several excruciating months of analysis, we knew that we had also to cut our content marketing costs by 25%, modernize our workflows for creative content, and preserve our robust but often siloed culture of excellence. [Selection criteria] We engaged Skiff and his small team because they already solved problems of comparable scale, complexity, and risk. [Relief]. As a science and engineering company, we immediately understood the well-formedness of their planning and implementation methodology. It just made sense. [Value]. Its modular, phased approached worked especially well. It let us move at an organic pace around the quarterly realities of funding. [Wow]. Looking back, we’re amazed with how much we got done without even minor disruptions or political flare-ups.


Senior VP

11th largest medical instruments firm in the world

Are You a Good Fit?

Since 2002, SEW Consulting Group has deployed over 49 enterprise systems, delivering over a $1B in total return on investment for clients.

We asked our clients how they would compare and contrast their experience of SEW Consulting Group with these four types of consultancies:

Traditional management consultancies

(MC) that will structure a wicked problem, prescribe a solution and architecture, and leave it to you to execute.

Boutique consultancies

(BC) with expertise in workgroup-level digital content technologies that will configure departmental technologies, train end users, and provide subsequent support.

Professional service of technology vendors

(PS) that will configure their technology to the business requirements that had defined by client.

Global system integrators

(SI) with expertise in digital content that will arbitrage their access to low-cost talent pools, assemble mixed-capability teams, and offer what what will strike you as a competitive price.

Competitive Positioning of SEW Consulting Group By Clients

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Our claim

SEW Consulting Group delivers more value, faster, with lower total cost and less disruption to your core business than any other type consultancy.

Distinctive Capabilities

Our clients will confirm that the following capabilities make SEW Consulting Group a unique, valuable, and rare partner to executives in charge of delivery strategic, large-scale, and high-risk digital transformations.


A significant shift has occurred that few have recognized and still fewer have accommodated in their planning assumptions:

The bulk of a business’ intellectual property no longer resides in its key workers; rather the primary driver of value creation and differentiation now lives in systems by which key workers do their jobs.

This means three things:

  • Many key workers are now expendable commodities and with continued advances in technology, millions more will be commoditized.
  • The data and content infrastructure have become digital assets of significant materiality that most balance sheets do not yet, but will, represent.
  • Networks of tacit knowledge have become an engine of value creation.

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